Do You Struggle With:

Being able to raise enough money to fully fund your mission?

Wasting valuable time and funds in failed capital campaigns?

Feeling confident enough to comfortably begin fundraising?

Engaging staff and volunteers in the fundraising process?

A Truly Successful Fundraising Campaign

Imagine exceeding your fundraising goals. Your mission will move beyond merely surviving … to thriving.

Staff & Board
Comfortably Engaged

Your entire team - from staff to board to volunteers - comfortable and effective in raising the money your mission deserves.

Confidence in Approaching
the Right Donors

Knowing which donors to approach is only half of the equation. Learn how to reach them with confidence that results in dollars.

Others tell you what to do. We show you how.

We get it. Fundraising is difficult and can leave you feeling drained.

We understand what it’s like to recognize that you need more funds, but don’t have any idea of how to raise those with your already full plate of tasks.

Over the past two decades we have helped numerous charitable organizations – many facing the same hurdles as you – raise countless millions of dollars.
Help with Successful Fundraising - Stroman & Associates

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How it Works

Schedule a
Discovery Call

We take the opportunity to listen to your specific needs and challenges, learning about your staff and board.

Make a Boardroom

You won’t be successful unless everyone on your team, from staff and volunteers to board, are active and fully engaged.

Receive a
Proposal from Us

We will fully define our services, scope, duration and price so there are no surprises and you can comfortably move forward.

Take a
Deep Breath

Once we begin working together, you can relax knowing that your fundraising goal isn’t something to dread and is fully attainable.

Learn How To Ask For And Obtain Larger Gifts For Your Organization ​

We will assist you in becoming confident and effective in making one-on-one asks for larger gifts and fully fund your mission.

Why Us?

At Stroman & Associates, we know that you want your entire team to be comfortable and confident in engaging major donors, resulting in an extraordinarily successful campaign. In order to have that success, you need to be able to raise necessary funds without taking the focus away from your mission.

The problem is that you don’t know how to go about getting those needed funds, and you feel greedy or controlling as you talk to donors about what they should be doing with their money.

We believe you should never feel stuck on the fundraising issue when you have mission to focus on.
Help with Successful Fundraising - Stroman & Associates
Help with Successful Fundraising - Stroman & Associates
Help with Successful Fundraising - Asking about Asking

We wrote the book on fundraising.

Download the first chapter: Asking About Asking