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Quick Tips
Fundraising is all about relationships. Cultivate relationships and you are cultivating donors.

Board and Leadership Development

Board and Leadership Development:

Board Retreats:
lead your board to viewing old problems with new eyes and seeing emerging opportunities.

Executive (CEO) Coaching:
a professional comes along side for a period of time to bring accountability.

Leadership Recruitment:
assist with defining job description for developing or expanding leadership.

Strategic Planning:
work together to identify long term horizon for your organization. Establish strategic goals and plans to achieve those goals.

Vision Casting:
outline what has to happen to assure mission success. Identify factors that may hinder the organization from being truly successful.

Organization Design:
look at structures of an organization to assure that it is structured to be successful.

Goal Setting:
understand what the critical measure for success is. Look at non-monetary goals. Identify long term goals with short term increments.

Accountability Structures:
Establish an organizational structure built on accountability for results..



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