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Quick Tips
"Where should we look for donations for our project?" This is often the first question we hear from agencies seeking additional funds. Keep the following in mind: 'The best source for a contribution is someone who has already contributed to you.' When properly handled, you can use this awareness to keep your donors informed and engaged in meeting your mission.

Fundraising: Capacity Building

Fundraising: Capacity Building

Development Audits:
bring in an outside professional to identify strengths and weaknesses and recommend a solution.

Annual Fund Planning:
make a plan for renewable donations, keep components fresh by supplementing existing strategies with new ones.

Foundation Proposals:
assist you in preparing and submitting proposals to foundations. Our approach focuses on the fact that foundation giving is a relationship approach.

Major Gift Initiatives:
program that targets larger contributions from a smaller amount of donors. Assist you in identifying donors with increased level of support.

Professional Development:
workshops designed to increase the effectiveness of Executive and Development staff.

Organizational Capacity:
help you build the organizational infrastructure for receiving large gifts.

Stewarding the Gift:
learn how to nurture donor relationships for the long term.



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