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"Where should we look for donations for our project?" This is often the first question we hear from agencies seeking additional funds. Keep the following in mind: 'The best source for a contribution is someone who has already contributed to you.' When properly handled, you can use this awareness to keep your donors informed and engaged in meeting your mission.

Fundraising: Capital Campaigns

Readiness Assessment:
an internal assessment to determine if your organization is ready for a capital campaign.
Feasibility Studies:
an external assessment to determine the campaign's viability and potential.
Case Statements:
a condensed summary making a case in support of your organization.
Volunteer Training:
proper training for volunteers to learn conversational fundraising and permission based marketing - not intrusive marketing (telemarketing).
Prospect Identification and Research:
find out the most likely candidates for your campaign. Do they have the means to give money? Do they have passion for your mission?
Cultivation Strategies:
learn the strategies to indentify, educate, engage and cultivate potential donors.
Campaign Direction:
chart the course for the campaign, bring accountability to the campaign and work for a successful conclusion.
Making the Ask:
develop effective practices for securing the gift.



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